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    Welcome to the most disruptive period in human history, called the 4th Industrial Revolution. It fundamentally alters every aspect of our live, society, business, economy and environment. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation everything we know beyond recognition across industries and boarders, unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

    Gain exclusive and actionable insight from the originator of the 4th Industrial Revolution himself.

    • Obtain the latest insight on what is the 4th Industrial Revolution and how to apply it.
    • Discover the 76 underlying emerging and disruptive Megatrends and they strategic inclination
    • Understand the 5 metamorphosis stages of the Industry 4.0 and it consequences.
    • The 4.0 emerge in sequence of 5 metamorphosis stages, that change everything:

    o   Technology Revolution (17 Pillars of Innovation)

    o   Environment Revolution (Climate Change + Six Mass Extinctions Periods)

    o   Economic Revolution

    o   Consumption Revolution

    o   Reality Revolution (Quantum Science) 

    • Navigate the challenges and explore new opportunities
    • Realize how to apply the Industry 4.0 topics
    • Gain insight to the latest management concepts and techniques to grow to growth, increase competitiveness, operational excellence, smart products, new Services and optimize cost

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